I’m a Fool.

I figured this out relatively late in life after feeling slightly out of sync with the world for as long as I can remember. This general sense of being on the outside looking in combined with a lifetime of unconventional – sometimes really bad – choices, landed me at a point where I was disillusioned and bitter enough to realize that I needed to come to terms with my weirdness.

As part of my journey of self-discovery, I began to study the Tarot, which I believe can connect us to our own subconscious as well as the old Jungian collective subconscious. When I started doing readings, The Fool showed up regularly — more than any other card. The Fool is card 0 of the major arcana – the starting point of the Tarot deck, yet also apart from the rest of the cards.

The Fool represents innocence, faith and beginnings – as well as folly. As I progressed in my Tarot study, I discovered that The Fool is my personality card – paired in rare combination with The Emperor as my soul card (which is only relevant because it creates a difficult inner dynamic).

Whether or not any of this is real or true didn’t matter – it helped me embrace my inner Fool. It helped me deal with my strange life more patiently, and with more kindness toward myself.

My journey continues, and along the way I observe life from my position on the outside, through the slightly warped glass that colors my perspective. This is a collection of my observations — a travel diary of sorts, which I hope will amuse or bemuse – but not offend.


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